To our friends and neighbors…. 

The last few months have been challenging. We have seen allegations made in the press and social media that question our values, dedication to employees, and commitment to our safety. We have seen the people behind these allegations and tweets manufacture calls to boycott our products and submit complaints to regulators.

We know what is being said isn’t true, and that has been validated by outside auditors and hundreds of employees who have come forward to share that what is being said is not reflective of Amy’s.

 So how can it be that for 35 years Amy’s Kitchen has grown into a purpose-driven, family-owned B Corp, trusted by millions, only to be vilified overnight by rhetoric and exaggerations? Very simply: because a labor union decided that rather than simply allowing our employees to choose, they felt the need to attack our reputation and character with lies and exaggerations.

 As a proudly independent organic food company, we value individual rights and freedoms. We respect our employees’ choices and their rights regarding union representation – whether yes or no. That’s why we believe someone’s freedom to say no should be just as respected as their right to say yes.

 But – while we respect labor – the union behind this campaign is not the designated voice of our employees in Santa Rosa or any other plant.

 While perhaps a handful of Santa Rosa employees may be interested in union membership, a majority of the other 500 people at the plant haven’t asked for that – and have loudly indicated that they don’t want that. Large numbers of employees on their own time recently assembled pro-company rallies against the union – disagreeing with the union’s claims and insulted at what is being said about their company.

We know we aren’t perfect, no food company is. But we do know that by always learning, listening, and improving we have become an incredibly safe, caring, and meaningful place of work for our employees. And we’ll keep getting better by working together.