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We continue to invest heavily in safety, wellbeing, and opportunities for our employees – many of whom have been with us since our early days and are now leaders in the company – to uphold one of our founding principles, “taking care of each other.” This includes continually enlisting employees in this process and implementing their suggestions, whether from providing chairs on the lines where possible, to eliminating the repetitive lifting of soybeans, to eliminating the need for employees to stir food in the freezer.

 With robust safety programs and free healthcare clinics for employees and their families, we’ve always focused on doing what’s right, because it’s the right thing to do.

Amy’s is among the most safety-conscious companies I have worked with, one that sets standards that go well beyond industry and regulatory requirements.

Joel Cohen, CIH, MPH

Widely recognized as one of the top health and safety consultants in the US, with 42 years of experience including service on multiple OSHA advisory committees and author of three books on workplace health issues.

“Amy’s is a safe place for working and do food safely.”

Guadalupe – Amy’s employee on Facebook

2x to 3x better

Amy’s safety record at its facilities is much better than industry averages, as compiled by the government

free healthcare clinics

Amy’s provides free healthcare clinics for employees and their families

“we take care of each other”

Employees receive breaks throughout the days for rest and meals and we accommodate special needs given our “we take care of each other” values

Safety and Wellbeing

Amy’s operates healthcare clinics adjacent to our locations so that our employees and their families can get the care they need and deserve at no cost.

When we learned that many of our Spanish-speaking employees weren’t using their health insurance to visit doctors because of language barriers and because they didn’t want to take time off from work, we built on-site Health Centers staffed with bilingual doctors to ensure that all of our employees and their families are getting the proper care they need.

Our people are the foundation that makes our success possible. From our kitchens to our offices, Amy’s is made up of caring, curious and passionate individuals who are deeply committed to making a difference for our consumers, for our planet and for each other. For more information, check out our Careers page. 

Safety and wellness facts 

  • We never want to see any employees injured at work and have invested significantly in new equipment, practices, and cultural changes to reduce the risk of injury at work.
  • We work with physical therapists and occupational safety experts to improve the design of our line and implement stretching exercises.
  • We conduct daily safety walks to look for any deviations from our established practices and to identify future improvements.
  • As just one indicator of the safety at our Santa Rosa plant, last year the plant had a recordable rate of 2.3, which is less than half of the industry standard of 5.
  • We want our employees to be as comfortable as possible. We have invested in additional climate control at our plants, and drinking water is always available throughout the plants to ensure employees stay hydrated. Employees have breaks during the first half and second half of their shift, and a meal break in the middle of the shift. If employees need to use the restroom outside of these breaks, they can do so with a lead or other breaker taking their place if they are a production line employee.
  • Production line speeds are based on many factors such as the meal being prepared, the equipment required, the number of employees available that day, and safety factors for the work involved. The maximum line speeds are not allowed to be exceeded.

Featured question

How does Amy’s safety record compare to others?

Amy’s safety record at our facilities is 2x to 3x better than industry averages, according to government records.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2020, the latest data publicly available at this time, the general categories of Food Manufacturing (NAICS 311) recording an incident rate of 5.1 per 100 full-time employees – and the subcategory of Perishable Prepared Food Manufacturing (NAICS  311911) posted an incident rate of 7.2 per 100 FTEs.

According to our latest records, Amy’s Kitchen Santa Rosa plant posts a recordable injury rate of 2.3 – which is much better than the government’s averages.

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